“Leadership is doing the right things;
management is doing things right.”

At Workforce Culture IQ we equip leaders, solve problems and build more cohesive and results driven teams. 

Here are a few things we know!

In today’s marketplace, effective leaders not only set the course for success but also motivate, influence and empower their teams to accomplish organizational successes.

Effective leaders create a culture where people are not afraid to express opinions and share insights; where feedback is frequently given; and where individual efforts are appreciated.  

The ability to effectively lead, depends on the quality of the culture you create, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which ultimately depends on the quality of conversations. Quality conversations begin with asking the right questions.

Conflict Coaching

Restoring Dysfunctional Teams

Dispute Resolution

Our Approach Works

We train and coach the skills required for leaders and aspiring leaders to increase their effectiveness and capabilities when it comes to leading others.

Our evidence based tools allow our leaders to learn and apply smart principles in their day to day work.

From connecting and collaborating with others, to effective problem solving, to the art of influencing our strategies are based on well-defined scientific principles that work!

Keynotes and Workshops



Creating the Fearless Organization

Organizations have been tested more than ever with extensive change, disruption and the need to evolve quickly. Our signature research-based solution offers key steps to building positive lasting improvements with useable insights and smart actions for success.



Dealing with Difficult People

The key to dealing with a difficult person is self-management. In this workshop you will learn how to effectively get unstuck, stay centered and use tactical empathy to your advantage when dealing with difficult people.



Managing the High Stress Workplace

The use of evidence-based emotional intelligence for the workplace is a game-changer in managing high stress situations. This session offers a simple process that anyone can implement to better manage their pressure-filled work environment.



The Leadership Matrix

An engaging workshop about the four strategies of leadership that fosters a culture of dependability and accountability without micro-managing. Perfect for leadership development at any level.



Workforce Culture IQ

As experts in workplace conflict management, Workforce Culture IQ equips employees in all roles with a better way to resolve conflicts, improve communication and create a culture of resiliency and high performance.

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