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Founder, Ron Pizzo


Manage the conflict. Create the change.

Who We Are?

Workforce Culture IQ is a leader in optimizing corporate cultures by developing leaders and high-performance teams.

We bring over 30 years of insight and proven experience to our work. Our processes are based on behavioural science, created in consultation with experts in the field. These processes have been tested in the field and have helped individuals and organizations work through difficult situations and conflict. Our future focused solutions are tailored to drive growth, achieve results and build stronger leaders and more engaged teams for a more peaceful and productive workforce.

Who We Serve?

We work with individuals and teams in high conflict situations. We help people get unstuck from the things that drive conflict, like difficult emotions, so they can focus on solving problems, working together and growing their organization.

The evidence-based techniques and approaches we train and coach, are easy to use. Our mission is to make the techniques accessible and effective so that people can use them in the moment when they need them the most, at work and in their lives.

Our work is rooted in the belief that your people are your most valuable resource. We are dedicated to working with your people to create safe and thriving workplace cultures that nurture collaboration, resilience, growth, diversity and belonging.

Did you know?

$300 Billion per year is the financial impact of unhealthy workplace exposures.

Our proven strategies will protect your bottom line and your people for the future.

What We Offer

Conflict Coaching

Restoring Dysfunctional Teams

Dispute Resolution


“Ron’s insight and strategy into transforming workplaces to more positive results is absolutely what we were hoping for and achieved.” R.Coulter
“Amazing results! Ron’s deep understanding of workforce culture and his strategies for building engagement, efficiencies and productivity are impressive.” S. Martine
“Our leadership team is so much more solidified and confident after our work with Workforce Culture IQ. We are excited about our future.”
T. Spector

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